Redwood History


Redwood History

The starting point of our business growth is the pursuit of sustainable management and cultivation of core competitiveness, with the goal of "building a company with core product structure, excellent operation team, meeting international quality certification system, and having influence and competitiveness in domestic and international non-natural amino acids and chiral pharmaceutical intermediates".

We aim to become an influential and competitive enterprise in the field of non-natural amino acids and chiral pharmaceutical intermediates in China and internationally.



The production base in Suzhou, Anhui Province was fully put into operation

Awarded advanced unit of science and technology innovation in Jiangsu Province

Redwood continuous flow chemical business fully started



Construction of the new factory base in Suzhou is basically completed and trial production is underway

Received recognition as an Enterprise Technology Center from the Bureau of Industry and Information Technology

Certified as an engineering research center by the Development and Reform Commission

Awarded gazelle enterprise of Qixia District


Take off

Awarded the "National High-tech Enterprise" certification

Redwood listed in Jiangsu Equity Exchange Center to formally enter the capital market

The output value of the company broke through the bottleneck of 100 million yuan



Started construction of a new factory in the development zone of Suzhou, Anhui Province

Established cooperation with many famous manufacturers at home and abroad

Mature management team within the company



Established R&D center in Jiangsu Life Science and Technology Innovation Park, Nanjing, Jiangsu

Nanjing Redwood Fine Chemical Co.Started research and development of chiral splitting agents and nucleoside products



Invested in a second production plant in Zhoukou

Start of large-scale production of chiral intermediates

Introduced ERP management program to the company



Completed the biological preparation of aminobutyric acid, tert-leucine and n-valine

Started the synthesis test of API and the preparation of lacosamide by new method

Completed the industrial production of some AP1-3 intermediates



Started research and development of protected amino acids and derivatives

Completed industrial production of some developed products

Started production of amino acids by biocatalysis

Company team matures



Beijing Redwood Fine Chemical Co,

Beijing R&D Center was established

Completed the research and development of D-cysteine, D-phenylalanine, D-tryptophan, D-cycloserine and other D-series amino acids

Completed the industrial production of the products in Shanxi plant

Where chemical happens

Where chemical happens

Where chemical happens

Where chemical happens

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