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Rewood spirit is rooted in the heart

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Human beings are great because of their dreams, and enterprises are prosperous because of their culture. As a consciously formed corporate culture in the long-term business activities of an enterprise, the values, beliefs and behaviors collectively recognized and followed by all employees are a comprehensive reflection of the common demands of the enterprise and employees. The corporate culture is highly consistent with the corporate development strategy, which promotes the implementation of the development strategy. In turn, the development strategy, as the practice of corporate culture, will further sublime corporate culture.

After years of development, Redwood has gradually formed its own product characteristics and corporate positioning. We need to extract a set of corporate culture concepts that are highly matched with the development strategy, reflect the common pursuit of the company and employees, and maintain the youthful vitality of the company. Lead the company to excellence.

The core of our corporate culture is the systematic induction and in-depth interpretation of the company's vision, purpose and philosophy, and the basic moral cultivation, code of conduct and professional requirements for employees, which every employee should understand and master. The purpose is to stimulate the passion and motivation of the employees through the cultivation, guidance and ideological baptism of the employees, so as to achieve the grand goal of the company's sustainable operation.

As the founder of the company, the reason why the company is named after the redwood is because I was moved by the unique temperament of the redwood tree. There is a magical plant growing in California, USA, known as the giant of the plant kingdom, and its name is Redwood. Redwood is not only the most majestic tree species in California, but also the tallest plant in the world. It grows to a height of as little as 80 to 90 meters, and has even set a Guinness World Record, with a single plant reaching a height of more than 120 meters. Rewood is a large evergreen coniferous tree. The trunk is straight, the bark is reddish-brown, longitudinally fissured, the crown is conical, and the large branches are flat. The tree is 100 meters high, 10 meters in diameter at breast height, and grows fast. It is a giant among trees, with straight trunk, majestic momentum and extremely long lifespan. It is the tallest tree species in the world. Redwood is one of the plants with the highest photosynthetic efficiency in nature, so it grows very fast. However, what shocks you the most is that, in general, the taller the plant, the deeper its roots should be. The roots of redwoods are only superficially floating on the ground. In theory, tall plants whose roots are not deep enough , is very fragile, as long as there is a strong wind, it can be uprooted. How can the redwood grow so tall and stand upright? There is a natural survival principle of redwood here. It has always been a whole. No matter how big a hurricane in nature is, it cannot shake thousands of redwood forests that are closely connected by their roots and cover an area of ​​more than a thousand hectares. Unless the hurricane is strong enough to lift the whole field, there is no force that can shake it. Shake the Redwood a little bit.” To sum up, the Redwood spirit is:

  Tall: Perseverance, long-term vision

  Straightforwardness: Integrity, ethics and enterprise

  Longevity: Prosperity and Sustainability

  Evergreen: innovation, technology first

  Wood: dedication, excellent quality

  Root spirit: unity and cohesion are the most important points in the characteristics of Redwood.

The company has identified "Redwood spirit, rooted in the heart" as the core concept, aiming to establish a cohesive company culture. Working in a cohesive company, every employee learns the Redwood spirit, believes that enthusiasm, attitude and belief will lead to better job opportunities, believes that praise, smiles and respect will lead to a better working environment, believes that can Become close friends with colleagues, believe that sincerity can always move people, believe that persistence can bring better career success, and believe that achievement is based on dedication.

Keeping pace with the times and improving over time are the qualities of an excellent corporate culture. In the process of enterprise growth, it is necessary to continuously learn from, absorb and integrate the spirit of the times and the essence of culture. I firmly believe that if one day, the company has a corporate culture that is highly recognized by all employees, our team will be invincible, and our business will be evergreen. Let us all work together to make this day come sooner. Hope every employee can work and be happy.


Redwood Vision

To be a happy company full of innovation and vitality, rich in work efficiency and true dedication to society!


Redwood Mission

Dedication to biological pharmaceutical with human health services


Redwood Goals

A pharmaceutical company with innovative product structure, excellent operational team, and international quality certification!

Where chemical happens

Where chemical happens

Where chemical happens

Where chemical happens

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